Streamlining of Patient’s Appointments & Scheduling Process for their repetitive visit and quick recovery process through our web applications stored in cloud. Avail your dedicated or virtual Pharmacy guide


  • PremSoft Software Technologies have created a unique application for smart doctors to maintain their patient details like medicinal course, repetitive visit, scan or test undergone and much more in a single touch.
  • Our Clinical Software Management is adept in simplifying the complex appointment scheduling process of patients so that the ordeal of the patients waiting endlessly for their turn can be eliminated. We have designed the Clinical application wherein the Doctor can monitor relevant information like clinical decision-making, Clinic Accounting Management, Patient Appointment Management, Billing & Invoicing, Claims Management, much more.
  • Our Clinic Management Software is much responsive to the healthcare software and globally interconnects with them like e-Prescription Writing, Drugs database, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Medical Billing Software, Compliant Insurance Eligibility, much more. OPD Management Software results the appointment fixing as every patient’s plan is analyzed and designed accordingly
  • Our Clinical management system process is fast, accurate, and efficient. With an easy, single view availability of sub category data points like Basic Billing, Patient self online Booking, E-Reminders & E-Confirmations, Cloud Based data storage, Extended medical Billing, e-Claims, Customizable Electronic Medical Records, Advanced Charting, and medical support staff gets facilitated.
  • Doctor’s can manage natural workflow of the clinical profession including intake, documentation, and SOAP notes. Scan documents directly, or upload any type of file to the patient record. Customize your Point of Care forms and create assessment templates to Clinical Services Applications. Crystal reports exportable to MS Excel, PDF, MSWord, RPT & RTF formats.


  • Paperless record system
  • Easier and quicker access to the patient’s records
  • Patient Administration Management
  • Patient Care Management
  • Specialist Services Management
  • Human Resource Management System
  • Pharmacy & General Stores Mgmt.
  • Financial Accounting
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Support Services Management
  • Digital Image Capturing